Tel Aviv


Maayan Sophia Weisstub

Sophia Maayan Weisstub (1992) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Tel Aviv”...Though Weisstub is a skilled painter, photographer, and photo editor, she relies on a more simple medium to create her most popular pieces - doodling. By layering various sketches (ranging from animals to sensually-posed bodies) over snapshots of her lips, eyes, nose, and ears, she brings cheeky and risquée images to life, and shines new light on the close relationship shared between art and nature. "We are naturally, constantly and unconsciously inspired by our body," Weisstub told Sleek Magazine.


1. How old are you? 28

2. How long have you been an artist? I’ve been doing art for many years, yet only in the last three years has it become my main occupation.

3. What inspired your work? My inspiration comes from the world surrounding me and the world within.

4. What challenges do you face being a female artist in Tel Aviv? It is challenging being a female artist anywhere to be honest, but the main exposure for my work has been online. That has made it all quiet international for me and i cant really say its centered in Tel Aviv.

5. Who are your Top 3 favorite artist? Three is tough to narrow down but I would say, I am influenced by Luis Bunuel, Edward Munch,Marina Abramovic, and Hokusai.

6. Favorite snack? Easy- A banana.