Tel Aviv Artist Maayan Weisstub


  1. How old are you? 27

  2. Where are you from? Tel Aviv which is a city in Israel

  3. How long have you been doing art or considered yourself an artist? I have been doing art for many years, yet only in the last three years has it become my main occupation.

  4. What inspires you? My inspiration comes from the world surrounding me and the world within.

  5. Is it difficult being an artist in Israel? It is challenging being a female artist anywhere. The main exposure for my work has been online, That made it all quiet international and i cant really say its centered in Tel Aviv.

  6. What artist do you admire or take inspiration from? I am influenced by many different artists. Some of my favorites are: Luis Bunuel, Edward Munch, Marina Abramovic, and Hokusai

  7. Favorite snack? A banana