American Artist VIDD


  1. How old are you? 27
  2. Where are you from? Los Angeles
  3. What got you interested in art? Self Expression
  4. What is the best part about creating mixed ? Seeing the outcome of putting in all the hours and hard work
  5. What is your creative process like and how do you come up with your art? It usually starts with an Idea and see if it’s worth putting in the work after that I take it step by step and see it unfold
  6. I kept hat you dabble with a lot of different outlets in the art world from photography to massive paintings and everything in between? Yes I like to Change it up here and there, it keeps my mind fresh and creative, if I get stuck, I usually go to another outlet and come back to the project once the motivation comes
  7. Do you have a favorite outlet? Im currently really enjoying doing portrait photos
  8. Favorite snack? A banana