American Artist SUPERWAXX

American artist SUPERWAXX first developed an interest and talent in art as a child. Her work is heavily influenced by animated cartoons, comic books, popular culture and street art. Often using vibrant colors and fine line painting techniques, Superwaxx is better known for her collective works which display her signature style while incorporating popular cartoon characters to express creativity and imaginative designs. Since the sprouting of her professional career in as an artist, she has exhibited artwork in Boston, New York City, Miami, and Cuba. Superwaxx is a native of Richmond, VA currently creating and residing in Washington, D.C.


1. How old are you? 29 Years Young

2. How did you get started? I have been creating art since I could pick up a crayon and construction paper. I am a self taught artist who initially created art work as a side hobby while pursuing an career interest in music. Then about 4 years ago things switched and I realized that being a visual artist was the direction I was destined to pursue. Best decision I have ever made. I have been exhibiting in exhibits, galleries, festivals and showcases professionally for about 3 years to this date.

3. What inspired your work? I am inspired by a number of subjects. When I am creating I try to tell a story with the paintings I create. So I am often inspired by events and experiences that resonate with me on some level. Even if the story isn’t particularly my own I try to communicate with the viewer something that provokes thought/emotion. No particular thought or emotion but a connection of sorts through the work.

4. How’s the art scene in D.C.? The art scene in DC is very community based. That’s one thing I love about being an artist in the nations capitol. A lot of the artists and/or galleries are involved in the community by sharing and showcasing their talent with local businesses, non profit charities and neighborhood organizations. Its great and helps lend to some really great collaborative projects.

5. Who are your Top 3 favorite artist? My top favorite artists are often alternating but for the present moment I would say that Piet Para, Roy Litchenstein and Walt Disney are among my favorite and most influential artists.

6. What’s your latest art work and can you tell us a little about it? My latest art work that I created is titled “DEAD GUYS FINISH LAST”. It is a painting that was created for a group art exhibit called Sohy Cyclo where all of the showcased work was centered around the theme of biking/cycling. The piece paints a story about life and the race to the finish line ie. death. The racing grim reapers were rather fun to paint.

7. Favorite past time? My favorite pass time would have to be composing and writing music. Before I pursued art as a career I aspired to pursue a career in Music business. I don’t get to play as often as I would like due to my schedule with art but when I have the opportunity to pick up my guitar and play it always makes me feel really good.

8. Favorite donut? Easy- Apple Cinnamon anything. I love anything cinnamon filled or flavored. If there’s cinnamon sprinkled on I’m in love. I guess you can say I was the original “Apple cinnamon bae”.