Q & A.

1. What's your name and age? Grace Miceli, 27  

2.   Where do you reside? NYC  

3. How long have you been an artist & what got you started? I guess always? My mom is a visual artist & my dad is a musician so I’ve always been encouraged to pursue creative projects. I studied art in college and I’ve been a full-time freelance artist for the past 9 months.  

4. What themes do you pursue? Right now I’m interested in using humor as an access for more serious or important issues. I feel a responsibility to attempt to educate the large amount of younger followers that I have.  

5. What's your favorite artwork that you've created? I love the socially conscious cute animal drawings I’ve been doing recently, especially the pink bunny picking flowers wearing a jacket that says “Fuck The Police”  

6. Anything that you dislike about the art world? I wish that it wasn’t so extremely capitalist and controlled mainly by wealthy white men. I think if our government put more money in the arts that would change. But I think there is a movement now to create an alternative to that, we’re tying to change things from the bottom up.  

7.  Favorite or most inspirational artist? Gregg Araki, when I first saw his films about 10 years ago, they changed everything for me. It was the first time I saw someone else actualize the ideal visual world I had always fantasized about in my head.  

8. Can you explain Yiba's? Is it an elite community? Can I join? Haha it’s a term that plays off of the YBAs (a famous group of young British artists from the 90s) I never want to be involved with anything that is considered “elite” so of course! I consider it to describe the generation of artists who grew up online and are therefore still mainly web-based, despite whatever specific medium they express themselves through.  

9. Professionally, What's your goal? I want to keep expanding my platform and use it to showcase the talents, voices & work of artists and creatives who have traditionally been underrepresented in the art world.  

10. Favorite snack? Mochi ice cream